Event History

This event began Jan. 1 1979, and is one of the longest running races in the Pikes Peak Region. The courses have always been tough with ample hills, which is exactly how the El Paso County Search & Rescue likes it. The race was run out of the Penrose Equestrian Center from 1979 - 1994, and followed a hilly course along Lower Gold Camp Road.

The race motto is "Rain, Snow, or 20 Below." Usually the weather is mild, but there have been years when winter decided to join the race. The organizers have never cancelled the race, but one year the Colorado Springs Police cancelled the event because of snow, ice and blizzard conditions. However, some runners still went out and ran the course that year in all of winter's glory.

The course moved to Palmer Park in 1995. It has used the same course in Palmer Park since then except in 2000. In 2000, or Y2K, organizers were unable to secure police assistance to close the roads in Palmer Park. This is because the police were worried about all the Y2K disasters that were supposed to happen and assigned all officers to Y2K duties on January 1st. Thus in 2000, race organizers used a different course in Palmer Park that did not cross any of the roads, thus no police assistance was required.

4th oldest race in the region!

  1. 1956 - Pikes Peak Marathon
  2. 1977 - Pony Express
  3. 1977 - Garden of the Gods 10 mile run
  4. 1979 - Rescue Run
  5. 1979 - Winter Series
  6. 1979 - Bolder Boulder (not in Colorado Springs, but interesting)
  7. 1979 - Sailin' Shoes
  8. 1979 - Fall Series

Without a doubt, 1979 was THE year for inaugural race starts!

2011 - Tempurature = 6 degrees